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Coaching & Consulting

Over many years of practice, I have frequently been contacted by individuals seeking advice or information regarding parenting issues, relationship matters, occupational problems and other types of life challenges.  In many cases, these individuals do not have a diagnosable mental disorder for which they are seeking treatment.  Instead, they are simply interested in consulting with a psychologist for advice, guidance, reflection or support.

For example, a parent contemplating separating from her spouse may need help with how, what and when to tell her children.  A corporate executive at a crossroads in his career seeks advice on what his next step ought to be.  Someone entering a new romantic relationship may need guidance on how to develop and foster healthy intimacy and communication.

As a psychologist, another role Dr. Wise may serve is one of coaching and consultation.  Life coaching is a practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals.  Such coaches use multiple methods to help clients set and reach their goals.  Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness.  Instead it focuses on personal well being and happiness.  Coaching is future oriented, not focused on the past.  There are a variety of approaches within the coaching methodology.

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