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Play Therapy

Dr. Wise’s work with young children incorporates play therapy as a major approach to helping children resolve their problems.  Dr. Wise has had specialized training and many years of experience utilizing play therapy techniques to help children with anger, depression, anxiety, oppositional behavior, social problems and other difficulties.  He has attended numerous professional conferences and training seminars in the specialized use of play therapy.

Play Therapy can be viewed as the systematic use of theoretical knowledge to establish a treatment process to help children.  A working definition of play therapy might be a form of counseling or psychotherapy that engages the power of play to communicate with and help children to realize their full potential.  Dr. Wise uses the therapeutic powers of play to help children resolve challenges and achieve optimal growth and development.

Play Therapy is often used as a tool for diagnosis. A play therapist observes a child playing with toys to determine the cause of their disturbed behavior. The objects and patterns of play, as well as willingness to interact with the therapist, can be used to understand the underlying causes of a child’s behavior, both inside and outside the session.

Dr. Wise observes a child playing with toys to determine the cause of their disturbed behavior. His caring approach and ability to relate with children helps him understand the causes of their behavior. Through play therapy, children begin to understand and make sense of their problems. Then they can learn to practice new ways of thinking and behaving.

With insights gained through the play therapy process, Dr. Wise is able to teach and advise parents on how to best respond to their child’s problems.


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